Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Day of Firsts -- Jeans

A Day of Firsts -- Jeans

My First Time Successfully Repairing a Piece of Clothing (Jeans, no less)

Okay, this is something that I'm really excited about. A little back story, I have tried to fix some of my clothes before, just little rips in the seams and such things. Things that should be relatively easy for just about anyone, except me. Because I am the worst at fixing clothes, my stitches always get loose and then the seam is just a gaping hole on the side of my shirt and then I end up frustrated and annoyed and ugh. So, now that you know how completely terrible I am at fixing such things (I wasn't kidding earlier when I said there would be lots of things going on here), I have managed to fix something. It wasn't a ripped seam, but my Dad did tear the button off his jeans and he was, understandably, upset that they were now unwearable. I felt bad that he was now down an otherwise perfectly good pair of jeans, so I decided to do something about it. I took to the Internet (read "Pinterest") and found a blog post that told me exactly what I needed to do it fix my Dad's poor, broken, useless jeans.

You'll need some button jeans (I got a pack of 6 from my local Michael's for < $2) and a hammer. You will also want a small scrap of jean material so you can patch the hole if you plan on putting the button in the same place as the old one. I ended up moving my button over just a smidge to loosen them up, so I forwent the patching part of the instructions.

The back of the jeans, you can see where I placed the tack before hammering it in to the button.

Poke the tack through the the jeans in the place you want your button to go, lay the button face down on a flat surface, line the tack up with the button and use your hammer to, gently, secure the back of the tack to the button. I say gently because you probably don't want to go all Thor on the button and put a hole in the table instead. Not that that happened to me or anything, because I was gentle. ;)

The tack and button we'll be using to fix Dad's jeans.

And that's it! Super quick and easy and you get to keep your favorite jeans!

The finished product. Looks good!

You won't even notice the hole unless you're looking for it and my Dad doesn't care about those types of things anyway. He's just happy he can wear the jeans again. :)

You can find the original post here by Offsquare.

Thanks for reading guys! Next post will be about Crocheted Boot Cuffs.

~ Kimiko of Andromeda Crafts

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