Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Day of Firsts -- Blogs

A Day of Firsts -- Blogs

My First Blog Post

Hello everyone! My name is Kimiko (but my friends and family call me Kim) and I like to make things. All sorts of things. A little bit about me, I am an early 20s middle child. I am a casual gamer (For the Alliance!), and also a Professional Procrastinator (that's right, it's an official title). I have a black cat aptly named Shadow. This is because he likes to hide in the shadows and jump out at everyone. All the time. Unless he's hiding under the bed and/or sleeping. Which he also does a lot. :)

I love creating things: art, food, cute, crafty, soft things made out of yarn (you see where I'm going with this). I recently (and by recently, I mean November 2014) learned how to crochet, I will be learning how to sew and I'm kind of on the fence about learning to knit. Mostly because I've seen it done and while YouTube people are amazing at explaining things, it just looks soo hard; hence the fence. :) My Dad does have a loom though, and that seems to be pretty easy, so maybe I'll try that out first. Side note: on occasion, I do help my grandmother bake cakes for our family members birthdays and I love taking pictures of the process and the finished product, so you will get to see those too! They are seriously awesome pieces of work and my heart breaks a little each time the knife cuts its first slice of our masterpiece and children start devouring that sweet, yummy, sugary goodness.

This blog is going to be about the awesome things I am going to be making and doing, and just a little bit of me thrown in here and there. And maybe somewhere in between, if I feel like it. ;) There will be crochet projects, some (most likely failed, several times over) attempts at sewing things, lots of pictures of me painting things and making other things out of wood (lots of things going on here). One of my reasons for making this blog is to share what I am and will be doing with the world. The other is to motivate me to actually do the things that I say I'm going to do, because, as I said in my first paragraph, I am a Professional Procrastinator. I need a bit more incentive than just myself to make things happen and this blog is going to do that for me, so thank you for helping me be more motivated to start and finish more projects and maybe I can help motivate you to do some crafty DIY too! :)

There are several ways you'll be able to contact me. I have an email address set up specifically for this blog and everything attached to it. There will be buttons for email, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter as soon as I can make them. You can also make a comment in the Comments section at the bottom of this post and I'll respond as soon as possible and try my best to help. :) 

Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading. I'll be posting some of my creations and anything else I can think of to write about. 

~ Kimiko of Andromeda Crafts

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